This week we look at trends in technology spending across districts with different economic characteristics, 2022/23 enrollments from Florida, Ohio, and Colorado, and more.
This week we look at state-level spending on facilities in ESSER III, components of afterschool and summer school spending, Florida CapEx, and more
This week we look at the difference in stimulus spending between charter and non-charter schools, enrollment trends broken out by free or reduced-price…
This week we look at some examples of state-level ESSER III spending, district-level enrollment shifts from the latest NCES data, and the residual…
This week we review recently announced NCES school enrollment data, charter school ESSER III spending rates, and more.
This week we provide updated figures for ESSER III spending categories, note the acceleration in spending by larger districts, and put some percentages…
This week we look at continued school disruptions and trends from the fifteen states that have announced 2022/23 enrollments.
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